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ScanOne - Skip



Combat Recordings

Released: 7th April 2008 | 3 track garage single
Road-tested at various Combat night-strikes amid other weapons in ScanOne's sonic arsenal, [Skip] delivers the goods in two full-fat flavours. After much deliberation we still couldn't decide which version was better, so released both of them, with a remix. 'ave that, fuckers! A ScanOne > [ Skip 1 ] Drawing influence from the Rotters Golf Club school of snare 'n' squelch, [Skip 1] rolls out a transmuting brute of a bassline over a glitch-ridden 2-step electro groove. Feel the weight of those strapping drum hits, lose yourself in the glazed, resonating pads that drop in and out of the mix, and keep a check of those bass freqs – or you may have a speaker-flapping fart-a-thon on your hands! B ScanOne > [ Skip 2 ] [Skip 2] unleashes a dense, mechanical electro workout, surging along with a bubbling electronica undercurrent to reach the majestic, melancholy midway bass-drop. Stirring strings carry the cut through to completion, with ScanOne teasing the tearing bassline out of his magnificent melodic beatscape. If you got your rocks off to his recent Radio 1 Breezeblock Bomb, keep those tissues in reach. C ScanOne > [ Skip – Cursor Miner VIP ] We all know there's nothing minor about a remix from Cursor Miner. Upon hearing Skip, the irrepressible Rob Tubb hacked out his favourite elements, took them into his East London laboratory and proudly emerged a few weeks later with this bastard mutant sibling. Peppered from head to toe with Cursor's trademark mash-up edits, this VIP mix finds disgustingly crunchy bass blaps eating their way into the muscular, staggering groove while a colossal flailing ride cymbal ensures maximum neo-rave satisfaction. Skip was released on Tan-goh, one of five auspicious days throughout the year on which traditional Samurai families celebrate growth of their young, and their progress toward the status of Warrior.