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Point B - Rain Chemistry E.P.

Point B

Rain Chemistry E.P.

Combat Recordings

Released: 7th April 2008 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep
Already regarded in the underground circles for his sterling live sets at forward-thinking clubs like Alt Ctrl, Colony, Plexiphonic and his own Erratica parties, South London electronica wizard Point B steps up to deliver the ammunition for COMBAT07. For the past several years, the smiling Brixton-based sonic mentalist has won hard-earned respect from both electro mentalists and IDM fanatics alike since his KnowOne EP (Erratica Music), a dextrous yet brutal blend of intricate electronica textures, sublime melodies and solid, militant dancefloor electro beats'n'breaks. This led to the Fictionary EP + remix work on Orson Records, plus a full length album forthcoming on ScSi AV. The Rain Chemistry EP is unique from B's other releases, in that it looks beneath his usual playful funk to reveal shockingly introspective, dark warmth that runs 10 miles deep, breathing with majestically sad melodies and subtle harmonics, calling to mind the sublime efforts of Arovane, Boards of Canada, Bitstream, Volum and B's own partner-in-crime Kelpe (DC Recordings). A > [ Segmented ] Point B kicks off with Segmented, a beefy electro / IDM hybrid of militant, driving electro pulses with a subtle touch of melody. The Point B sound uniquely imbues intricate glitched electronics with a solid dancefloor sensibility – a dextrous, playful style that manages to warp your mind and flex your spine at the same time. B > [ Rain Chemistry ] Dropped at crushing volume at the Illuminate party in Prague, the entire dancefloor literally stopped and caught their breath as the melancholic strings filled the dark room with introspective warmth. Skipping, hyperdetailed electro beats frame the thick, warm pads in perfect symmetry. C > [ The Insider ] Totally dispensing with social courtesies and IDM formalities, Innerself shows point B at his most visceral, with a snarling half step electro growler aimed at self-confrontation. Full-on catharsis electronics. D > [ Underneath the End ] Warm, dark and wistful, this track calls to mind the sublime efforts of Boards of Canada, Arovane and Toytronic Records. First heard on a cold winter's sunday session at the legendary Moon Palace night in London 3 years ago, this finally sees release worldwide. The track has been remixed for dancefloor electro attack by Synapse, exclusive to