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Komonasmuk & White Boi & ScanOne - 2 Paths of Rage

Komonasmuk & White Boi & ScanOne

2 Paths of Rage

Combat Recordings

Released: 7th April 2008 | 2 track beats & breaks single
London's Combat imprint has been dropping some speaker-destroying jams recently and their new 12, 2 Paths of Rage, continues in the same mould. Komonazmuk & White Boi's Search for Truth turns up some clever bass tricks over a dubby groove, which is bound to get the heads nodding. Meanwhile, ScanOne's Atlas throws down reverb-laden samples over a stupendously heavy half-step template — taking the hard, almost industrial edge of grime at the rootsier tempo of dubstep. The bass, again, is crushing and guaranteed to cause maximum impact in the dance. – Kone R, As played by Surgeon in the British Murder Boys set at Fabric, July 2007 and featured in Slices DVD Magazine. Part two of the super-heavyweight battle series 2 Sides of… sees more seismic frequencies and snarling resonance etched loud in the grooves at 45 rpm on each side. A > Komonasmuk & White Boi > [ Search 4 Truth ] Following swiftly on the heels of Combat13's Apocalypse comes Search for Truth, another mutant dubstep monster from Bristol's Komonazmuk & White Boi. Already tested out numerous times at gigs like the Bloc Weekend, Yardcore, Bashout , Platform 1 and NFA, Search for Truth matches it's predecessor blow for blow in sheer carnage and continues the duo's dystopian futuristic vision with grating robotic vocals, dissonant pads and sci-fi strings over a self-assured marching android rhythm. Engineered for maximum weight, the sheer force of each beat carries the track's momentum despite the halfstep tempo, with molten square-waves that fizz and snarl, daring you to step out of line. What follows are two of the sickest, most wince-inducing bass drops we've heard in any track so far. Like the concussive force of rolling thunder, feel the air getting pushed back to the back of the room. You've been warned. Keep your ears peeled for WhiteBoi & Komonasmuk's other releases on Mode Recordings, Terminal Dusk, Tempa Allstars and other labels. B > ScanOne > [ Atlas ] From electronic-tinged dubstep on side A to dubstep-influenced electro on side B. The formidable ScanOne brings his varied influences together again in Atlas, a sinister track that sits squarely at the intersection between militant 2 Lone Swordsmen-esque electro and the growling razor-edged beats of Vex'd, Distance, Tes la Rok and the Hench crew. Sleek electo beats form a solid framework in which syncopated bleeps and machine whirrs provide additional levels of rhythm. Short, rapid blasts of bass punctuate the structure at regular intervals, leading to breakdown where you're dropped into a chasm of grinding square waves and resonant chest frequencies. Shimmering cyborg vocals echo into the distance with a haiku from Hagakure, classic samurai manual: form is emptiness, emptiness is form, a simple yet profound description of the interplay between space, movement and structure. Like ScanOne himself, Atlas finds itself at ease on both dubstep and electro dancefloors. Mutant battlefield zen-step built from deep and dirty electro sounds.