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ScanOne - Toolkit Part 2


Toolkit Part 2

Combat Recordings

Released: 15th May 2008 | 4 track beats & breaks ep
Combat once again serve up music for the connoisseurs of harder beats, with another genre-bending EP, this time from ScanOne. Red Dub starts off simple enough, stop start drums jerking over bass undulations and livewire synth action, but pressure builds as amens and electro-filth enter the fray. Flipside, Orca is one for the poppers and lockers, as vintage sounds groove with dot-matrix printers and the funky drummer in a future history lesson – iDJ Magazine This release highlights the links between underground electro and dubstep's darker excesses. It's most evident on 'Orca' and 'Red Dub', where murderous, gut-wrenching basslines complement scattergun percussion, nightmarish synths, and on the latter, even a brief dalliance with straight kicks. But the label hasn't entirely lost its purist streak and 'Skip' and 'Static Shock' revert to full-on electro-breaks mode. 4/5 - DJ Mag Like Orca and Red Dub, will give them a blast sometime - Surgeon (Downwards Recordings) After his sterling 12 of electro-infused dubstep on the Studio Rockers (under the Bionics moniker), Spring 2008 sees the return of Jude Greenaway in full battle-mode as ScanOne, with the follow-up to 2007's Toolkit 1 E.P. Comprising of 2 mutant dubstep tracks on one side, and 2 mutant electro tracks on the other, this EP continues his exploration of the warped and wonderful no-man's land between dubstep, electro and breakbeats, Toolkit 2 gleefully mutates genres while focusing the results firmly, as always, on the dancefloor.