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Liquid Phonk - In The End There Is A Smile
12" Vinyl
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Liquid Phonk

In The End There Is A Smile

Compost Black Label

Released: 11th August 2017 | 3 track house single

The Black Forest boys from Liquid Phonk deliver this decent summer jam In The End There Is A Smile, a beauty of a beach anthem, which received proper remix treatments by the maestros Lovebirds and Truccy aka Rainer Trueby and Corrado Bucci.

Since the turn of the millennium Liquid Phonk has stood for proper house productions. Over many hours of countless studio sessions Mirko Koenig and Patrick Lesser from the South-West of Germany have formed their very own style and sound.

Their first public appearance was on Patrick Lindsey's former label School Records back in 2000 followed by further EPs until 2004.

After it was getting quiet around Mirko and Patrick, they raised Liquid Phonk back to the surface. Rainer Trueby took notice of their releases on Nick Humphrey's label Lifted Digital and managed a split-release alongside the Cologne producer Sello on Compost Black Label in 2012 with their track Heart & Soul. Several releases and remixes followed on labels such as Ingo Sänger's Farside Records, Lost My Dog and Something Different.

With the Hardboogie-Remix of Shahrokh Dini's track Bechno, Liquid Phonk returned to Compost Black Label in 2015 followed by their own first release - the Was It Love EP - on this label in 2016.