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Kero One - Windmills of the Soul
CD Album
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2 x Vinyl LP
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Kero One

Windmills of the Soul

Plug Label

Released: 20th March 2006 | 13 track pop album
'Windmills of The Soul' is Kero One's long anticipated debut LP, running 13 tracks strong with no fluff, creating a buzz nationwide. Already released in Japan several months earlier, the album has reached #2 of 200 on the underground hiphop HMV and Tower Records charts, plus held the title in the top 100 downloaded Itunes songs for 2 months straight. With the 'Windmills LP', one can expect more timeless jazz meets hip-hop energy that many have come to enjoy from Kero One, who handles his own production on 11 of the 13 tracks with the remaining 2 by long time friend Dj king Most. Going further than just reconstructing samples, Kero One also plays a variety of instruments on the album (moog synths, fender Rhodes, bass etc.) and brings in live session players paired with vocalists in attempt to fully blend the organic feel of live musicianship with the rawness of sample based hip-hop. On the lyrical side, Kero One offers a bit more than the average rap banter by rhyming about real life stories and topics that have helped define his character and musical career. Songs such as 'Give Thanks' (a celebration jam), 'In a Dream' (the pitfalls of close friends and the drug game), 'The Cycle Repeats' (The Graffitti B-Boy Anthem), 'All The Wrong Places (relationships and the endless search for love), and tempted (narrating the moral dilemmas many face on a day to day), carve out Kero One's ultimate vision: to answer his own spiritual call and to make music that people can enjoy.'
"?Containing enough soul to make even Pete Rock smile.?"
Blues and Soul Magazine
"?Warm uplifting beats and rhythms combined with the finest lyrical cuts.?"
Straight No Chaser UK
"?The production on ?Windmills of The Soul? is so on point, and well thought out. I've spent some time trying to remember the last time a new record had me this excited, and in recent history, I can't think of any.?"
Jskillz, The Sound Providers
"??the vibe is akin to Rob Swift?s live band being joined by Mos Def on a chill pill?the deepest and funkiest hip-hop albums of right now"
Clash Magazine
"A soul piece of hiphop"
Blow Back
"Sun Hop Blends the organic feel of live musicianship with the rawness of samplebased"
"Refreshing ****1/2"
"?extremely impressive, inspiring and high quality?"