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Cygnus - Newmark Phase


Newmark Phase

Central Processing Unit

Released: 24th September 2012 | 10 track techno album

Signal:intercept/report.0806$67 These sounds, broadcast across the city from an unknown location, carry only one identifier - a soubriquet that seems designed with anonymity in mind, as if to deflect attention and encourage the dream-denying enforcement patrols to turn away despite themselves and focus their investigations elsewhere. These emissions are claimed by the clandestine operatives of the Central Processing Unit; their aim is to disrupt the system of dream suppression and release each sleeper from their rational prison. So now you know. You have our permission to dream.

Cygnus This album is dedicated in memory completely to Derek Jasper of Dixon, Illinois

"Tasty electro ep. Fans of Scopex and the like should explore."
"A strong EP clearly rooted in vintage analogue electro and techno."
"Joins the dots between B-Boy Electro and the myriad bass heavy electronic experimentalisms that have come out of South Yorkshire."
Electronic Rumors
"The production throughout Newmark Phase is as flawless."