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Mikron - Warning Score
CD Album


Warning Score

Central Processing Unit

Released: 11th March 2016 | 9 track techno album

Mikron are two English brothers, Michael & Ciaran Corcoran, living in Australia. Returning to CPU with their L.P. (CD/Digital) & E.P (Vinyl) Warning Score.

Mikron's love of melody and pattern are very much at the forefront with every track full of great hooks and rhythms. The album takes you on a journey through various sub genres all delivered with careful execution and enviable studio mastery.

The title track 'Warning Score' is forged from an acid bassline with Mikron's signature saturated drums, which begs for a big room / system.

You'll find plenty of analogue action throughout, along with some downtempo IDM affairs. Prepare yourself for dark, moody and bass-heavy electronics.

Warning Score (CD / Digital 9 track album) CPU00011011CD / CPU00011011DD

Warning Score (Vinyl 4 track E.P.) CPU00011011

"Warning Score on Whitenoise #527"
Dave Clarke