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Blixaboy - Humanoid X
12" Vinyl
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Humanoid X

Central Processing Unit

Released: 16th September 2016 | 4 track techno ep

Humanoid X is CPU's deepest foray into Detroit techno so far, from Blixaboy aka Mwanza Dover - Texas based artist, friend of Cygnus and very much part of the local electro scene. Dover presents an album influenced by the pioneers of the hypnotic groove. On first pass you'll find elements of krautrock through to the Belleville three, all with finely crafted arrangements that reveal themselves in more detail on each listen.

A cyberpunk theme runs throughout as Blade Runner-esque synths wash over the album evoking late night electric-city noodle restaurant contemplation.

Blixaboy has selected 4 of the more DJ friendly tracks from the album for the vinyl E.P. treatment.