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B12 - All Abandon All
12" Vinyl
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All Abandon All

Central Processing Unit

Released: 28th October 2016 | 4 track techno ep

Already touted as a match made in heaven, B12 aka Steven Rutter joins CPU with some of his finest output to date. Remaining resolutely true to himself, Rutter delivers a consistent yet distinct E.P. with his signature melodic, pad-heavy dreamscapes and syncopated beats.

Not letting the needs of the dance floor corrupt his production, this E.P. follows Detroit techno's fundamental trajectory of forward thinking, technologically advanced sound palate with emotive yet stark arrangements.

'All Abandon All' is a fierce emotional affair, that straddles both techno and IDM - it's Rutter doing what he does best; a distinctly utopian retro-future.

Electro-Soma & Time Tourist L.P's on Warp have enjoyed legendary status since their release and cemented B12 into the techno hall of fame.

Tracks by B12 were included on Warp's first Artificial Intelligence compilation and thus part of IDM's day zero.