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Tim Koch - Spinifex
Out 6th April 2018
Out 6th April 2018

Tim Koch


Central Processing Unit

Expected: 6th April 2018 | 17 track leftfield/idm album

Tim Koch lives in Adelaide, Australia, combining a distinct, digital aesthetic, a fascination with 8-bit machines and the reminiscent textures and melodies of pioneering UK labels like Warp and Rephlex. He studied for four years at the University of Adelaide's EMU music technology unit, and has since composed music for theatre, film, television ads, and computer games.

Spinifex is Koch's sixth solo electronic album and features a breadth of instrumentation perhaps not seen in his previous work with treated live drums, manipulated bass-guitar improvisations, and female vocal elements (Bloom). Taking cues from Krautrock, 1980's crime drama arpeggios, and movie soundtracks, Spinifex also incorporates more 4/4 percussive elements, algorithmic composition techniques and an attempt to embrace dub aesthetics to mute the often impersonal nature of digital composition.