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Faraon Bantu Soundsystem - Profesias Del Emperador Bantu
12" Vinyl
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Faraon Bantu Soundsystem

Profesias Del Emperador Bantu

Chusma Records

Released: 21st November 2011 | 5 track cumbia ep
Welcome to Club Palenque! The two creative forges Palenque Records (Colombia) & Chusma Records (Berlin) present their new EP Profesias del Emperador Bantú, featuring five exclusive songs from the musical laboratory that is San Basilio de Palenque. The recipe for this aural cocktail is as simple as it is brilliant: renowned producers and musicians such as Novalima, Quantic, Sergente Garcia, Lucas Silva and Luis Towers have let the musical diversity of Palenque inspire them. The result: a blend of Columbian afrobeat, Caribbean champeta grooves, clubby ghetto bass and African highlife! The Palenque sound has caused quite a stir recently – and Lucas Silva, Palenque Records' producer and mastermind, had something to do with it! Most recently, Silva a.k.a. El Champetaman compiled the unique sampler Palenque, Palenque!(Soundway), recording and releasing numerous bands from the small north Colombian village. Palenque: the town of 4000 has a proud history to look back on. It is considered the first liberated Afro community in Latin America. The maroons, mostly from West Africa, were refractory slave workers and sailors. During the colonial era, they resisted the slave system on Colombia's plantations and in its mines. San Basilio de Palenque soon became an important site of resistance and a place of refuge for fugitive maroons! In addition to a new language – Palenquero, a mix of Bantu, Spanish, Creole and sailor's English – a new culture and music developed. Its connection to African culture remains alive to this day. Musically, the Palenque sound goes beyond traditional folklore to include modern sounds. Palenque's musicians create their very own blend of styles, inspired by secousse, highlife, afrobeat and Afro-Colombian sounds such as cumbia, salsa, son and gaita. Faraón Bantú Soundsystems: The new EP from Faraón Bantú Soundsystems (Lucas Silva and his buddy Najle Silva Arana) explores new musical terrain. Palenque's afrosounds meet the afropop, ghettobass and funkadelik soultribes of Magic System, Quantic and Rigo Star. The limited edition 180 gram vinyl record, complete with an original vintage cover, is a gift to the global community of urban tropical bastards!