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Cumbia Cosmonauts - Tropical Bass Station
Vinyl LP
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Cumbia Cosmonauts

Tropical Bass Station


Released: 21st January 2013 | 9 track cumbia album

The distinctive Cosmonaut sound is influenced by the Mexican street sound known as cumbia sonidera, the Peruvian psychedelic variant of cumbia, chicha, and the Argentinian cumbia digital wave. Producers Moses Iten aka Saca la mois DJ!! and Thomas Soup Campbell (Miso, Editor) pumped up the caribbean offbeat rhythm with dubby basslines, creaking synthesizer sounds and driving beats in order to generate the ultimate Cosmonaut sound. Next Level: Cumbia Cosmonauts go Global Bass! On the new album Tropical Bass Station, the two sound experimenters display their musical skills with club tracks that reach way beyond the cumbia beat movement, with elements of Brazilian Baile Funk, Angolan Kuduro, as well as flirts with Mexican Tribal.