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Dengue Dengue Dengue - La Alianza Profana
CD Album
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Dengue Dengue Dengue

La Alianza Profana


Released: 1st July 2013 | 11 track cumbia album

Dengue Dengue Dengue! is an audiovisual duo born in mid-2010 in Lima, Peru and is conformedby Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira, who were already working together on other projects, both aspart of the Peruvian based 'Colectivo Auxiliar'. The name Dengue Dengue Dengue! comes from aEnrique Lynch's vinyl, who played a rhythm called Dengue.

The project catched from the start and made themselves well known thanks to an impeccable audiovisual show, half dj set and half live, remixing and making mash-ups from their own tracks with old cumbias and modifying cumbia cult themes to electronic versions. All this always joined by amazing visuals and the always present masks.