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Boxcutter - Gnosis
12" Vinyl
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Cosmic Bridge Records

Released: 16th December 2013 | 6 track leftfield/idm ep

Boxcutter has been more than a significant blip on the underground's radar since his first vinyl release in 2005. Barry, alias Boxcutter, was first noticed by Paul Rose (Scuba), arriving on Hot Flush with several very strong and collectible releases, before moving to Planet Mu in 2006. This brought about a long line of releases, including 4 LP's for the seminal label, which are quoted by many of today's established electronic music artists as being inspirational to their own development.

Recently, we have seen Boxcutter delving into a range of tempos as wide as the gap between him and his peers: his 4th LP The Dissolve fused the organic with the synthetic into lush, brightly-hued compositions, to critical acclaim. From dancehall to hip-hop via jazz funk and hypnagogic pop, it ranged far and wide for inspiration, and soon after in 2012 we saw a name change, and with it a refreshed approach to track-building. The Host joined the dots between vintage library music radiophonics, worn out soul music, and cassette-addled footwork, and also notably featured more upfront guitar playing than his previous releases.

The close of 2013 sees Barry reaching out to Cosmic Bridge, supplying 6 tracks of further experimentation in the 160 bpm realm, taking inspiration from Cosmic Bridge's label boss Om Unit, and fellow uptempo cohort Machinedrum, and title inspiration from Erik Davis's book TechGnosis (on the meeting of technology and mysticism).

Crafted by reaching into the crates for dusty synth tones and drums, and combining these with guitar lines and 808 drums, Barry creates a sound that is subtle and forward thinking, but coloured by older styles and sonics.

Gnosis is released on December the 16th on Cosmic Bridge.