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Mr Confuse - Imovel

Mr Confuse


Confunktion Records

Released: 7th July 2014 | 6 track beats & breaks ep

The biggest remix package so far as well as the widest range of styles spread over 6 tracks. Following the original version of 'Imóvel' the Australian ambassador of funky styles, better known as Rephrase, drops a mighty Drum 'n' Bass work-out. US electro-dub specialist Thomas Blondet of 'Rhythm And Culture Recordings' follows this with a remix of 'It's Just A Blues' with a mighty speeded-up version heading straight towards the Drum 'n' Bass dancefloor as well.

Alan De Laniere from Paris transforms 'The Arrrgh Theme' into a wicked disco jazz version, while Ed Royal of 'Innvision Records' from Innsbruck/Austria puts 'Balkan Funk' into his own inimitable organic funk perspective. Last but not least the 'Una Mas Trio', one half of 'The JuJu Orchestra', take 'En Movimiento' back into the electronic part of the Brazilian musical landscape.