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Mr Confuse - Do You Realize

Mr Confuse

Do You Realize

Confunktion Records

Released: 8th September 2014 | 13 track funk album

'Do You Realize' is the question which Mr. Confuse asks on this album and it comes as a massive plea for the power of funk. 'Do You Realize' is about being true to the groove, carries strong lyrical statements while touching political matters as well as social issues in its clever and heartfelt lyrics but is first and foremost, of course, about being real.

On 'Do You Realize' Mr. Confuse picks up on the distinctive, organic and powerful sound he introduced on 'Feel The Fire' and takes it a step further. 'Do You Realize' tells a story from the beginning to the end: 'We Gonna Bring The Funk To You' with featured singer and main vocalist Dan Salem allows no second thoughts as a perfect opener and leads into 'Catch Me', the first single release. In a total of 13 tracks and with full-on party tunes like 'Never Let The Rhythm Go' and 'Let's Get The Feeling' the album keeps a steady pace. The second single releases 'Too Hot' and the conscious and soulful 'Why Can't You See Me' carries 'Do You Realize' to the perfect ending with the moving soul ballad 'Cool Smooth Waters' introducing the mighty soul voice of Mrs Elaine Thomas.

It would not be a true Mr. Confuse album if it would not pay tribute to a musical pioneer. With his versions of 'Boogie Down (Bronx)' (with the voice of well know German Reggae artist Benjie) and 'Man Made' (featuring Dan Salem) Mr. Confuse pays tribute to Man Parrish as one of the innovators who translated Funk and Boogie into the HipHop-Era of early Electro and Freestyle. 'Do You Realize' comes as an apt title then.

Accompanying the album there will be a colourful bunch of remixes released in various formats. Well known British producers like Lack Of Afro (Freestyle Records), Newcastle's own Smoove (Jalapeno Records), up and coming producer Daytoner (Wass Records), among the excellent bossa breaks remix production of Dr Rubberfunk (Jalapeno Records) and an exciting remix on the jazzy tip by Tom Eno (Jack To Phono Records) are representing the UK remixer scene. The album also features contributions by Hungary's finest producer team The Uptown Felaz (Shiftin' Gears Records), Poland's Przaśnik (Funky Mamas And Papas Recordings) and Germany's block-rocking Ghetto Funk producers Funkanomics (Big M Productions) together with well known German Electro Funk expert Funkmaster Ozone (Da Source Records) and fresh new faces like Salem & Bastino - not to forget Afternoons In Stereo (Timewarp Music) from Toronto/Canada and a rare appearance of Dublex Inc (INFRACom!).

With 'Do You Realize Mr. Confuse is not only expanding his trademark sound but the album also introduces him as a musical director with an open ear for the bigger picture. With up to 23 international musicians he created incredible sounding big arrangements you would rather expect from the good times of big studios from the 60s and 70s. Here is a producer who not only reveals a deep understanding of the rhythms ranging from Afro to Soul and from classic R&B to HipHop, but who also has a vision of translating history into the future. 'Do You Realize'? Indeed we do!