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Mr Confuse - Do You Realize: The Remixes

Mr Confuse

Do You Realize: The Remixes

Confunktion Records

Released: 15th September 2014 | 12 track breaks album

Mr. Confuse has done it again in true style. Following the release of his second album Do You Realize the North German DJ, producer and composer delivers a full length Remix-Album of Do You Realize with a stunning roster of international remixers who each had their personal take on one of the tracks from the album. The result is a diversified bag full of dance floor goodies, ranging from Electro Funk to Ghetto Funk, from Electronic Bossa to Funky Breaks and Jazzy Breakbeat.

Connoisseurs of the independent funk and electronic scene will enjoy going through the list of remixers who contributed on this fine Mr. Confuse release.

Well known British producers like Lack Of Afro (Freestyle Records), Newcastle's own Smoove (Jalapeno Records), up and coming producer Daytoner (Wass Records), among the excellent bossa breaks remix production of Dr Rubberfunk (Jalapeno Records) and an exciting remix on the jazzy tip by Tom Eno (Jack To Phono Records) are representing the UK remixer scene.

The album also features contributions by Hungary's finest producer team The Uptown Felaz (Shiftin' Gears Records), Poland's Przasnik (Funky Mamas And Papas Recordings) and Germany's block-rocking Ghetto Funk producers Funkanomics (Big M Productions) together with well known German Electro Funk expert Funkmaster Ozone (Da Source Records) and fresh new faces like Salem & Bastino - not to forget Afternoons In Stereo (Timewarp Music) from Toronto/Canada and a rare appearance of Dublex Inc (INFRACom!).

This makes Do You Realize - The Remixes a truly global affair and a perfect companion to the original release. Check out the Man Made and Boogie Down EPs, two special EPs focussing on the Man Parrish cover versions of the same name on Do You Realize, featuring key remixes from the digital release.