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Various Artists - DISCO JUICE VOL. 2
CD Album
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2 x Vinyl LP
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Various Artists



Released: 1st January 2000 | 13 track pop album
After the success of 'Disco Juice', we have once again enlisted Nick The Record to dig deep into the P&P back catalogue to unearth yet more lost masterpieces. Whereas the first volume had it's feet firmly set in the disco and jazz-funk era, volume 2 takes a broader look at the label's diverse output, covering northern and modern soul (Florence Miller's 'The Groove I'm In' and Jesse Henderson's 'I Did It Again') to the early days of rap, when P&P still managed to invest the genre with the same quirky sensibility which made it's music sound like it was being beamed down via satellite rather than coming from anything so banal as a studio. This compilation is proof that dance music has all of the substance and sumptuousness that rock critics like to invest in dreary concept albums. 'You're looking at one of the best compilations of this ilk there's ever been' - Big Daddy 'Excellent selection of super duper rare killer cuts' - Dimitri From Paris 'If you like grooves gnarly and your funk fucked-up then grab your rollerscates and get ready to rumble, because Disco Juice 2 is the real deal.' - IDJ'