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Anatoly Ice & Dariya

A Long Way

Confunktion Records

Released: 10th March 2017 | 11 track soul album

After their successful debut single 'Freedom' Anatoly Ice & Dariya return with a full length album.

The work on 'A Long Way' started when musical obsessed friends Anatoly Ice and Dariya decided to record a demo. They just could get a hold on a small studio with very basic equipment, had almost no knowledge of music theory and harmony, but been totally obsessed, having the passion and love for music for years, gave them the faith and trust going a long way to complete an 11 track album right until the end.

The album was assembled by a puzzle of samples from dusty records, melodies and rhythms influenced by 40s jazz, 60s soul and 70s funk music and by spending hundreds of hours in the studio with various musicians, composers and good friends.

The track In Your Dreams was the first track the duo has been working on for the album. On one hand the track was influenced by heavy hip hop beats and on the other hand laidback soulful music and lyrics which really set the direction and vibe of most of the other tracks on the album.

Samples and drum machines were weapon of choice for Anatoly Ice and Dariya while producing this album, but it was impossible to make the recordings complete without participation of real authentic instruments, in order to give a more live kind of vibe and groove to the songs. In the studio they added Rhodes, horns and guitar played by themselves or by good friends who were not only playing a line, but even more having ideas for the composing of the songs.

One of the Highlights of the album is 'With The Wind' song, which was started years ago as part of a soundtrack, but after it was denied by the director of the movie they transformed and rearranged it into a soulful track with a heavy funky vibe and Donald Byrd influenced harmonies.

The psychedelic rock influenced track 'You know' added a more uplifting eastern atmosphere to the album while 'Simplify Your Lie' is bridging the gap to more western influenced rare groove and jazz setting the album concept perfectly between borders.

German producer and piano player Jim Dunloop spiced up the album with his amazing skills and added heavy funk grooves and rhythms to it.

This long way was worth going for both of them, because it was a door opener for them to new ideas, musical influences and new songs. They are far away ending their musical journey and working on new songs already by now. Until then be welcome to enjoy their album 'A Long Way'.