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David Borsu - Reminiscent
12" Vinyl
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David Borsu



Released: 15th August 2005 | 4 track ep
After over a year since the release of his debut for Counterpoint'sMonster' ep), Belgium based David Borsu comes thru with his second 12... Once again he delivers four very diverse tracks, ranging from modal to funky jazz, to Afro funk and beyond! All done in his own inimitable style. The full 'Borsu' album will drop this September on cd only. So all you vinyl headz should grab these ep's while they are still around! a1. Late Nite Swing is a modal jazz beauty, featuring the seductive voice of Damia Da Costa and the cool sax of jazzman, Francois Lourtie. Borsu works these 'classic' ingredients with subtlety and grace. His drum programming (with tempo instructions to boot!), keys and that deep bass sound, never detract from the essence of the song. a2. Reminiscent will remind some listeners of the vintage funky jazz sound of Marc Moulin's original Placebo. With it's multi track clavinet sounds, heavy breakbeat drums and blistering horn licks gives this jam a classic 70's jazz fusion feel. aa1. East Beaumont might possibly refer to a place in Texas, but it sure as hell sounds like a funky place to be! Afro percussion, a monster bassline and ridiculously fat drums are just the introduction to this fatback party anthem. Add some gritty vocal hooks & horns and the signature Borsu synths to the mix and you know you got a sure shot bullet! aa2. Coltrance is a 'sound representations of what it might be like to be tripping..' says a learned voice at the start of the track whilst tablas tap out a raga beat. When suddenly an enormous bassline turns the trip into a proper 'acid jazz' mash up, as Middle Eastern scales are played on sax & flute, giving this trance more the feel of Istanbul than Goa!'
"'This is a great label. Quality is the essence fro this stable and I'm sure that in years to come, the new generation of soul & Jazz fans will hold Counterpoint in the highest esteem.'"
Yogi Haughton, DJ Mag
"'Late Nite Swing' is a real beauty.'"
Steve Nichols,
"Jazz fanatic David Borsu follows up his near perfect Monster EP with a slightly less fiendishly titled, but impressive EP of hard-hitting floor directed Jazzed up grooves...will make most shake a leg or two"
Jon Freer's
"This EP practically charts jazz music's progression from sultry 60-style modal to swinging early 70's jazz-funk on 'Reminiscent' (think Func Inc or Blackbirds) through modern acid jazz/broken fusion?THIS WILL STAY IN DJ CRATES FOR DECADES TO COME"
Hector Cedillo, XLR8R