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Antonio Ocasio - Higher Love feat Mustafa Akbar
12" Vinyl
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Antonio Ocasio

Higher Love feat Mustafa Akbar


Released: 13th February 2006 | 3 track ambient house single
Counterpoint Records welcomes the return of one of New York's deepest, most soulful producers & djs on the underground club scene right now: Antonio Ocasio! With over 30 releases on his own Tribal Winds imprint and other musically aware labels such as, Wave, Shelter, Kenlou and Ibadan. Last year Antonio gave us 'Fabulous' (CRS022) to release on Counterpoint (big with David Mancuso, Dj Cosmo, Laurent Garnier, Francois K, etc). Now he has produced yet another awesome jam that will be in record boxes of the more spiritualy minded dj's all over the World. A1. Higher Love (vocal mix)- is a natural progression from his Loft-style jams. Featuring the highly dependeable vocals of Mustafa Akbar (remember his 'Sign Of The Times ' track on DJ Pope's label')paired with Antonio's expertly crafted production. Opening with top drawer percussion that will ignite your body, followed by a tapestry of instruments, from rhodes & hammond keys to flute and sax solos that are deep & funky, but never noodly. No frills, no gimmicks, but real get down music for your mind, body & soul! AA1. Higher Love (calor mix)- is the stripped down instrumental version where the consistently high level of musicianship shine thru from start to finish. AA2. Higher Love (acapella)- nothing but the rich, soulful vocals of Mustafa Akabar. No doubt this will become an essiential dj tool for those slectors in the know.'
"... features all the delicious ingredients we can expect from Tribal Winds label head: tribalish groove, hammond keys, sax, flute, rhodes and bass, all dropped with his outstanding spiritual touch. Absolutely lovely."
"This guy fits perfect to stuff of Kerry Chandler, Osunlade etc. You can?t house it a better way."
Rene Josquin, De Bug magazine
"Some proper Body And Soul type business from Counterpoint. Vocalist Mustafa Akbar drops the Dwight Trible style lyrics and delivery. Feel the spirit. Move to the rhythm."
Joe 90,
"?another winner. Soulful and spiritual.8/10"