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Cylob - Pepper Spray


Pepper Spray

Cylob Industries

Released: 12th April 2010 | 3 track electro-funk single
Since 1993 Cylob has amassed 17 singles and 9 albums, firstly on Rephlex, then Breakin and most recently his own label Cylob Industries. Amoung these recordings are collaborations with Squarepusher, Aleksi Perala and DMX Krew. Although Cylob's music is predominantly instrumental, his most well known tracks have been the underground hits Rewind and Cut The Midrange, Drop The Bass which pioneered computer-generated rapping and singing on top of signature Cylob beats. He has been playing live and DJ'ing since 1994, touring extensively in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and Russia, including at the Glade festival and renowned neo-rave event Bangface. He has also made many broadcasts on radio worldwide including twice on BBC Radio 1's Breezeblock show. Pepper Spray is an up-tempo acid / electro song with a female lead vocal singing lyrics describing a disturbing stalker scenario, and contains an appropriately nasty bass sound and menacing strings. The original inspiration for this track came from the time Cylob was DJ-ing in Seattle and Mace was sprayed on the dancefloor. It has already had a couple of plays from Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1.