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Ambient News - Ambient News

Ambient News

Ambient News

Cylob Industries

Released: 30th November 2009 | 14 track ambient album
Ambient News is the latest album by the artist more usually known as Cylob. The latest milestone in a 16 year career, this release is the culmination of a number of listening music projects worked on over the last three years, combining synthesized gamelan-inspired bell music made in London, sessions from a friend's well equipped analogue studio in Seattle, some singing, harmonium and guitar playing recorded in Berlin, plus four tracks adapted from the 2008 Ambient News project, which consisted of making and uploading a track a day with a video spelling out that day's news in bubbly lettering. What's new: accapella singing, harmonium, acoustic guitar, improved production. What's the same: lush dreamy synths, bells, vocoders, floaty pads on top of rough drums, the usual Cylobian melancholy.