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Cylob - Mood Bells


Mood Bells

Cylob Industries

Released: 22nd December 2014 | 17 track ambient album

Cylob is the alias of electronic music maker Chris Jeffs. Between the years of 1993 and 2004 he released 13 singles and 5 albums on Rephlex, in addition to the EP Spider Report for Breakin' Records. His remix credits include reworkings for Mogwai, Aphex Twin, Soulwax (2 many DJs), Cristian Vogel and Mike Flowers Pops. Although Cylob's music is predominantly instrumental, ranging from ambient styles to aggressive dancefloor sonics via pop pastiche and electronic funk, his most well known tracks have been the underground hits Rewind and Cut The Midrange, Drop The Bass which pioneered computer-generated rapping and singing on top of signature Cylob beats.

Cylob Industries was set up in 2007 to release the music of Cylob. So far, six albums and three singles of new music have been released, including under the alter-egos nonprivate and Ambient News.

The end of 2014 sees the Cylob back catalogue being given an official digital release for the first time. The album Mood Bells was initially released in November 2001. Influenced by the experiences of a tour of Japan earlier in that year, it features gong and bell instruments arranged into minimalistic electro-acoustic compositions. Mood Bells is an ideal accompaniment to meditation, a warm bath or whatever other relaxing activity may come to mind.