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S Maharba - Memorial

S Maharba


Cleaning Tapes

Released: 13th October 2014 | 4 track ambient ep

UK based shadowy producer S Maharba airs out a handful of tracks that have been floating about for a while gathering dust. Rendering them together for the first time as a four track EP for tape (and digital.) Memorial is S Maharba's first original release since 2012 and the first glimpse of anything since his 2013 remix album 'S.Maharba: Remixed' that featured the likes of such dignitaries as Mono/Poly, Young Montana?,Shigeto, Mike Slott and Dibiase.

Memorial is made up of four sombre cuts of immersive ambience, lush instrumentation, ornate samples and rough textures that sift through one another, entirely filtered of any trace of a beats to tie it all down. Instead each track sways more toward the loop induced psychedelia of Heathered Pearls or Balam Acab more than the beat/bass oriented artists aforementioned and the fuggy character Maharba fans might have come to expect.

The signature black/white artwork consistently portrayed on previous releases gets a bespoke working over by artist and Cleaning Tapes collaborate Emir Eshahnovic.