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Mesak - Frottage Frottage


Frottage Frottage

Cleaning Tapes

Released: 2nd February 2015 | 8 track techno ep

Tatu Metsätähti aka Mesak began his forays into sound in the early 90s experimenting with tape loops, reel to reel dubbing and 4 track recorders. In '97 Metsätähti and school mate Tatu Peltonen form Mr Velcro Fastener, taking influence from techno, electro and IDM and in 1999 release there first album Lucky Bastards Living Up North. Throughout the 00's Metsätähti produced and toured with Mr Velcro across Europe and the US and his solo work as Mesak began to emerge and grows out of the underground skweee movement (lofi Scandinavian funk.) with his own label Harmoenia becoming a major outlet for the genre. Mesak's numerous releases by the late 00's had mounted support from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Machinedrum and Marcel Dettman. Of late Mr Velcro have been producing new albums and Mesak has released a string of vinyl and tapes via Harmoenia, managing the label himself and running legendary club night Huge Bass.

Frottage Frottage follows 2014's 'howto readme' released on Harmoenia and there's some clear lineage between the two. The stripped back electro funk of previous releases is more heavily weighted with saturated drums, globular bass lines, laser blast synths and pitted with dense interference. Mesak demonstrates a more robust and 'physical' techno leaning sound, not in a typically industrial sense but more so feeling like sound design for whatever undetected micro movements and erroneous processes take place inside heaps of electrical clobber all running through one an other. It's a thorough elaboration on what skweee is all about - ringing out any and all sound from cheap bits of equipment and with Frottage, Mesak has scraped, rubbed and scoured his gear for all its worth, turning over circuits for every blip, hiss and crackle.