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Roughlung - Untitled



Cleaning Tapes

Released: 29th September 2014 | 6 track techno ep

Sound and video artist Meze/Load Project leads on from recent releases for Hidden Hawaii, Ready Made and Stirpe999 with this hardware focused collaborative EP with Italian techno/noise outfit Schroeders under the aptly named Roughlung. Previously a member of the legendary Bradford Bahamas Meze is no new comer to anomaly ridden sound making and this release - pushed by the Schroeder lads no doubt - falls in the heavier, noisier side of his sonic pallet.

These six tracks are edits of live improvisations, played and recorded over a few sessions briefly edited and finally mastered by Stephen Bishop of Opal Tapes. The result is a claustrophobic fumbling foray of hardware hiss-laden techno rhythms, immersive dub echoes and plenty of hocked up curiosities steeped in hiss and crackle.