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Veez-O, Turbojazz & Parker Madicine - Contemporary Theories II EP (feat. Parker Madicine, Veez-O, Turbojazz & Kae)
12" Vinyl

Veez-O, Turbojazz & Parker Madicine

Contemporary Theories II EP (feat. Parker Madicine, Veez-O, Turbojazz & Kae)


Released: 30th June 2014 | 4 track deep house ep

300 limited hand numbered copies / white vinyl

CT-HI's second release it's made of a brilliant 4 tracks EP enriched with Detroit boogie, future beats and bouncy house flavours. Residuo Reinterpretation composed by Parker Madicine himself is made of seven minutes of cosmic arps, chopped pads played in MPC and killer basslines. A groovy and solid patter is positioning this track halfway between the Chicago moods and the car industry city by excellence sounds - Detroit. Residuo Veez-O's track - the talented crew's jazz player produced by Parker Madicine - is a delicate pearl of future jazz with harmonic dreams and experimental modular synth sounds together with powerful broken beats. Turbojazz with his Voyage Bebop, has created a bouncy house jam with evolving rhythms, astral pads and a heavy Korg MS20 bassline. A progressive arrangement very sophisticated in it's details makes it the perfect dance floor track. In

"Hey dude! This release is amazing man! Really love it! A1 and B1 are my favorites though! Your remix of residuo is sooo mad! Love the drumwork and Synths are super creamy! Perfect! The Turbojazz track is a pure stomper! Congrats on this release man! And also thanks for the downloads, definitely going to cop the vinyl! Hope you are well! PEace, K. 5/5"
Glenn Astro, Tartelet Records
"This is a great release! Thank you for sending it to me...dope 5/5"
Kutmah, Hit+Run
"Parker Madicine stands out on this release. Thanks 4/5"
Maribou State, Southern Fried Records
"Fresh stuff! 4/5"
Detroit Swindle, Dirt Crew Recording
"Lovely 4/5"
Robdabank, London/Radio1
"Will try it out! Thanks 4/5"
Rick Maia, FACT Worldwide / Barcelona / Spain
"Brilliant stuff... Will be playing the Parker mix & Turbojazz A LOT! 4/5"
Krysko, The Warehouse project
"Thanks! 4/5"
Ame, Innervision
"Loving the groove on the Parker Madicine rework 4/5"
Behling & Simpson, Future Boogie
"Love those chords on Residuo Rework 4/5"
Mosca, 30124/Hypercolour