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Miriam Aida - Letras ao Brasil
CD Album
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Miriam Aida

Letras ao Brasil


Released: 23rd November 2009 | 12 track crossover jazz album
The beautiful voice of Miriam Aida takes us to the treasure of Swedish traditional songs when she breaks new ground and combines them with the exotic music of Brazil. Miriam presents an intimate setting with voice, acoustic guitar and percussion who delivers the dynamic variation from a gentle whisper to the carnival-feeling of Rio and expressive Afro-Samba from Bahia. Miram Aida has realized her vision of connecting some of the best Swedish composers and lyricists with the new lyrics of highly acclaimed Brazilian poets Guilem Rodrigues da Silva and Etel Frota. The Swedish dreamy and romantic melodies are given a new flow and a natural sounding smoothness with the beautiful Brazilian language. The album fetaures one the worlds most famous classical trumpeters Hakan Hardenberger from Sweden. Since Miriam's successful album Meu Brasil, recorded with some of Rio de Janeiro's finest musicians, she has continued to explore the Brazilian music in its different facets with the devoted musicians in this group. Guitarist Mats Andersson, here on the unusual 7-stringed guitar and master percussionist Ola Bothzen are also found in Miriam's other more dancefloor-music-oriented group A Bossa Eletrica. The extraordinary seven-piece live-act A Bossa Eletrica has made a big name on the Brazilian club-scene and DJs all over the world praise the group for its deep groove and funky Brazilian vibe.