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Dave Irvine & Fraser Owen

Dave Irvine & Fraser Owen EP

Clubbed Up Recordings

Released: 18th October 2010 | 2 track tech-house single
Label Support from Markantonio, Mark Broom, Perc, Paul Mac, Roger Sanchez, Paul Thomas, Chris Finke, Mr Henry Von, Jamie Gittens, Rosie Romero, Ken Fan, Lee Pennington, Tomas Rubeck, Jon Reynolds, Steve Found, Ben Santiago, Silky amongst many more. Having made their tag team debut on CURe010, Dave Irvine and Fraser Owen bounce back with their sequal only this time they have a whole release to themselves with a storming two track ep of solid funked out tribal techness! Not shy to the production field, Irvine and Owen have racked up releases on Prehab, Noir, Endemic and Sideways imprints and it seems there is no stopping their onslaught of the music industry. First up, Alhora Lo Entiendo. This has been causing a massive stir recently and will go down a treat for fans of Loco Dice, Steve Lawler and Marco Carola. The infectious tribal vocal is the key to this track, combined with the jackin rhythm, this tune is going to blow up big time! Persian Rugs can be found on the B side and although it remains chunky and funky, this is on a more serious note. Tight catchy percussion and a deep subb bassline are what makes this record stand out, a massively dancefloor friendly number and a perfect track to compliment the EP.