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Coppice Halifax - Hallex

Coppice Halifax


Contemporary Vision

Released: 30th January 2012 | 2 track techno ep

Coppice Halifax brings his masterful experience to Contemporary Vision with the release 'Hallex.' A dubbed out techno piece with a groove like no other, getting deeper and deeper the futher you are into the single. The 'Saturated' cut, brings his expert ambience to work, with subtle voice clips happening about in the depths.

"will try thanks"
Markus Schulz, Coldharbour
"Nice music! Will use on my radio show! Thanks"
Robert Miles, Salt Rec./Alpha One
"Love the original Hallex. Great deep rhythmic dub-techno vibes!"
DFRNT, On The Edge, Echodub
Daniel Mehes, Manual/Wolfskuil
"Oh yessss! Will definitley give the original Hallex some airplay! Thanks!"
Hall North, Soma, Fade, Stripped