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Contemporary Vision

Released: 27th February 2012 | 4 track ambient ep

With songwriting as one of his key strengths, Whatsisname builds an ambient EP that intrigues. 'Decade' being the powerhouse of the release -sets you into a retro/modern state, bouncing progressive acid around while keeping a smooth, nearly Detroit techno undertone. 'No Fruit No Object' maintains the style with more synths and builds; while 'Tronix' and 'Change of Heart' take to the deeper side of ambient/electronica.

"Decade could almost be an Amber-era Autechre track. Interesting stuff!"
Coppice Halifax, Milieu Music
"Some old school chilout vibes here... Decade is nice."
Noah Pred, Thoughtless Music
"mellow! 1st two tracks are my favs"
Daniel Mehes, Manual, Wolfskuil
"I may try Decade, this stands out the most for me, thanks!"
Sasha Le Monnier, Proton, DI
"Decade is my fav. I will support this track in my sets. Thanks"
Jamie Le' Mier, House Vigilantes