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Choi Yeong Doo - Project.11 (feat. Lee Jaram)

Choi Yeong Doo

Project.11 (feat. Lee Jaram)

Choi Yeong Doo

Released: 11th March 2016 | 1 track country rock single

Choi Yeong Doo, Korean guitarist and composer's 11th project album. Apart from his current band 'Nunco', Choi Yeong Doo's project album is sort of a personal diary. According to the artist's own rule: Write piece from the feelings he had during certain period, and release it in his own deadline. Works based on home recording, except when circumstances are indispensable. All performance, recording, mixing, mastering and cover design by artist himself.

The title song of 11th album 'Arsonist' expresses the longing between lovers in Cuban music style. Its name 'Arsonist', literally means the one who set fire to the other's heart.