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Micromelancolié - Leaving Hades


Leaving Hades

Czaszka Records

Released: 17th January 2016 | 5 track ambient album

Robert Skrzyński, better known as Micromelancolie, is an extremely prolific artist with an unique style - mixing drones, field recordings, tape hum, found sounds and beats. Over the years he published his music on tape labels from all over the globe, such as Seagrave, A Giant Fern, Metaphysical Circuits and Chemical Tapes, just to name a few. For Czaszka Records he prepared five tracks of slowly moving textures, grim tape manipulations, haunted gamelans and cough serenades with a hint of bro-step. Imagine a dance party of manequines and skeletons - that's how Leaving Hades sounds like.

Videogamemusic, NTS
Andy Crow, Crow vs Crow
Blood Room, Ceramics