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Beachers - I Wanna Be Your Wall


I Wanna Be Your Wall

Czaszka Records

Released: 18th July 2016 | 5 track ambient ep

'I Wanna Be Your Wall' is the latest release from London/Riga based artist Beachers. Comprised of decayed tape loops and analogue synths, the five track album is a meditation on the romance of the mundane. At the heart of each track is a loop lifted from cassettes discarded to the bargain bins of Latvian charity shops; forgotten 90s pop trash and Schlager that would normally reside in a different universe to 'experimental music'. In each instance the minutiae of pop music, whether an isolated vocal as on 'Random Soul Generator', or the cut-up rhythm of the title track, are twisted through tape manipulation, repetition and synthesis into new forms, becoming the launching point for new pieces of music. 'I Wanna Be Your Wall' is the third Beachers release, following 'Pretend' on Jehu and Chinaman, and 'Portrait' on Illuminated Paths. Beachers, aka Daryl Worthington, is a co-founder of the Bezirk label alongside Missing Organs/Spool's Out's Tristan Bath. Alongside producing his own music, Beachers has compiled mixes for 'A Closer Listen' and 'The Forgotten'.

Videogamemusic, NTS
Chloe Frieda/Alien Jams, NTS
Graham Dunning, NTS
Tristan Bath, Spool's Out