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Fischerle - Post-functional Dub Objects


Post-functional Dub Objects

Czaszka Records

Released: 30th March 2017 | 4 track ambient techno ep

A few years ago I was hitch-hiking and had a unique encounter. One of the drivers who gave me a ride spoke in slow motion. He stuttered every syllable and it took a few minutes for him to introduce himself. On our journey he drew my attention to different things but before he could tell what he meant these things were already far behind us. I wanted to recreate in these tracks this feeling, of being unable to identify something because it's already obsolete or gone. The primary source of sound is a modular synth but I have also used samples from pieces by modern composers. For example from Aldo Clementi in Palto, which functions as an aggressive, abrupt voice which wakes us up from somnambulist state.

Mateusz Wysocki/Fischerle

Recorded in 2016
Mastered by Michał Wolski

Artwork by Karolina Pietrzyk & Oliver Spieker

Chloe Frieda, Alien Jams/NTS