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Giovanni Lami - Hysteresis II

Giovanni Lami

Hysteresis II

Czaszka Records

Released: 10th July 2017 | 2 track experimental ep

On the meditation about the arrangement of sound events and layering them on the timeline.

It's like a patina laying on the renewed surface, recorded on tape.


Hysteresis II is the second instalment of Giovanni Lami's ongoing long term project, preceding releases on Tutore Burato (IT) and Soft Error (UK). As an Italian sound artist explained: I'm into a new way of concerning reel-to-reel and tapes, approaching a field-based work where I play on several sites my Nagra with 4 microphones (2 ambience, 2 omni ones), switching from the ambience to the recorder, back and forth, using objects and other stuff on the tape itself. Everything is recorded outside, in different locations. I'm using all self powered devices and I can put everything into a backpack. I can carry it with me almost everywhere, and this is a crucial point of this work since I like to be able to do it without any trouble, almost everywhere.

Hysteresis II has been recorded on the volcanic site of Solfatara, Pozzuoli (Naples).