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Smashback & Teutonic Kaboom - Mortal Coils EP

Smashback & Teutonic Kaboom

Mortal Coils EP

Data-Trace Records

Released: 3rd March 2008 | 5 track techno ep
Straight outta Manchester, this is the debut release from Data-Trace. Operating somewhere between techno, breakbeat, electro and dubstep, the EP showcases the talent of some the freshest producers around at the moment. This has gained a huge amount of support from the likes of Radioactive Man, Warlock and Shelley Parker and has been heavily tested on soundsystems up and down the country. Here's a few coments: Great debut from this label, who it would appear to have a no holds barred music policy incorporating dirty undergound and electro. Kai1 - I-DJ If you like your breaks with an aggresive techno twist, then you shouldn't miss out on this debut EP from Data-Trace. Dave Jenkins - I-DJ In my books! Trevor Wilkes - Fun In The Murky Loving 'Killer' and the Lief Ryan Remix! Shelley Parker