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Slagsmalsklubben - Den Svenske Disco


Den Svenske Disco

Djur And MIR

Released: 8th February 2010 | 12 track electropop album
Slagsmalsklubbens debut album, Den Svenske Disco (The Swedish Disco) is an orgy in melodies, driving rythms & analouge synthesizers. When the album was released in 2003 it came to define and inspire a growing Swedish scene of naive electronic music. Slagsmalsklubben early got known for their live performances where they, rather than most electronic musicians only using a laptop and some controllers, always brought their whole analouge machine park on stage in which they created, and still create an electric mayhem. Critics described the album as Kraftwerk on raspberry lemonade and coffein pills. Happy, danceble and irresistebly charming.