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Semtek - Idiotland
12" Vinyl
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Don't Be Afraid

Released: 4th July 2011 | 4 track tech-house single
Don’t Be Afraid presents its second release, and the second from Semtek. Replacing Idiotland (original) as a vinyl only special, ‘JoshLikesThis’ is a thundering old school techno roller featuring giant piano lines and dramatic peaks. Accompanying JoshLikesThis are three mixes of Idiotland in three different flavours, representing some of the most forward thinking music being produced today, and providing a total of 4 highly effective dancefloor options. Mr. Beatnick has been one of the most vocal plaudits behind the burgeoning scene which has produced artists like Bullion and Paul White. Listen to his own tracks like I Know All The Bitches (Altered Vibes) and Falling Apples (Futuristica) and you can hear the influence of whole generations of music from Mantronix to the 90's Bay Area scene via Photek, DJ Krush and Dilla, making Mr Beatnick an unsung hero of many genres. Kris Wadsworth has remixed everyone from Steve Bug to some of the most interesting and original productions on established labels like NRK and Morris Audio. From house, to dub, to bleepy minimal, Kris has the ability to express many forms of dance music. Finally, Bioviolence is the dubstep alias of this highly rated and well-established artist hailing from Cambridge (UK). He has torn up dancefloors across the world from the UK to China with his own style of dark and moody, yet club friendly bangers. His tracks 'Nothing¿ and 'Milkshake¿ have received regular air time from DJs like Kayper and MistaJamm on 1Xtra, and forthcoming releases promise to turn more heads in his direction. Fact Magazine: “Semtek is a top boy. He makes really good techno. We’ve been bubbling to his sounds for a while. Here he’s remixed by Mr. Beatnick to deeply atmospheric effect.†Clash Magazine: “Idiotland is chilled techno driving on the ethereal and off-kilter hazy synths†DMC Update: “Second outing from Semtek on Don’t Be Afraid charts engaging deep techno waters†Harri (Sub Club) “Digging this, JoshLikesThis is like Gat Decor for the noughties.†Support from: Alex Attias, Harri, Kevin Gorman, Lee Holman, Dubmission FM, Beane Noodler, Alex Macpherson, Shelley Parker, Laurent Garnier, The Black Dog, Disastronaut, Kris Wadsworth, Nitzan FineArt, Clause4, Dj Kayper (1Xtra), Slam, Luciano, Richie Hawtin