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Semtek - West Acyd Shelter
12" Vinyl
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West Acyd Shelter

Don't Be Afraid

Released: 23rd May 2011 | 3 track house ep
The fourth release on Don't Be Afraid is a reinterpretation of one of the most important jazz funk records of the 1970's. Semtek rebuilds the legendary hook from scratch over a disorienting range of acid, broken and techno accoutrements leaving a rolling monster that might set dancefloors alight. Photonz bring their unique Lisbon via Essex style to the proceedings with an I can't believe it's not Garage take on Semtek's beat, proving yet again that they are a force to be reckoned with in 2011. The B-side East Acyd Shelter is a sparse analogue workout that would be at home as much in legendary and much missed Kings Cross hangout The Key, as it would in a James Bond soundtrack of the Timothy Dalton era.
"Really like all 3 mixes. I think East is my favourite. Will be playing for sure."
Damon Martin, Disco Bloodbath
"Really feeling the original thanks for sending."
Ph0t0machine, Super Recordings
"[Supporting in DJ sets]"
In Flagranti, Codek
"Really strong release from Semtek! 'WestAcydShelter' is huge"
Kid Who, Ochre
"This is a very progressive release with quite a fresh sound you should a check out."
Gitchell Moore, Outernational Mag
"really digging East Acyd Shelter ... nice work."
The Revenge, Delusions Of Grandeur
Baby G, Eskimo Recordings
"not baaaaaad at all! expect 2 hear in my future radio shows & podcasts!"
Mamiko Motto, NTS
"Will play this one out for sure. "
Aera / Goldwill, Aleph
"excellent track . .the original west is my favourite out of them, will defo fit this into a mix."
Chymera, Sonar Kollektiv
"sounds nice - prefer the original mix tbh..."
Pinch, Tectoni
"really like what i'm hearing, classic-sounding but still current, good stuff"
2562 / A Made Up Sound, Tectonic / 3024
"good ep... the main track has me thinkin of bones for some reason..good ep... the main track has me thinkin of bones for some reason.. "
Affie Yusuf, House Of 909
"thats really a great tune mate. lovely"
Alex Agore, 4Lux / Kolour / Royal Oak
"“Nice one mate!”"
Carl Gosling, Heavenly Jukebox
"I like east acyd shelter best - cool track."
Proton Radio, Dave Mothersole
"thanks for the tune - sounds sweet!"
Dickie Chaytor, The Cosmic Truth
"“I like the first song is really funky”"
DJ3000, Motech
"fuck me its a total tune .rolling drums lovely synths and an acid style bassline ,its so fucking good!!!!remind me of an old stacey pullen track..."
Domenic Capello, Sub Club
"i like it allot. especially East Acyd Shelter. please send me the trax. ill add it to the new release show on sweatlodgeradio and play it on my wee"
Elie Eidelman, Sweat Lodge Radio Berlin
"The release is pretty cool man, will support."
Hardrock Striker, Skylax
"liking the new tune a lot! and the rmx too."
Isa GT, Girlcore
"great photonz rx..."
Ivan Smagghe, Kill The DJ
"Cracking EP but East Acyd Shelter is my pick of the bunch. Excellent early evening fear chugger."
James Rand, Chibuku
"Love the groove on West Acyd Shelter and the use of the Bob James hook is pure class. My track of the year so far."
Leftside Wobble
"My pick is the East Acyd Shelter. Nice work."
M50, Echospace / Wave USA
"love this ep, the Photonz mix is killer as ever, but i really love East Acyd, will be playing it for sure at the weekend!"
Matt Walsh, Turbo / Bugged Out
"“Very cool.., very fresh!”"
Moodymanc , 20/20 Vision
"“Thanks for this. just checked em out. like the bob james vibe on the west acyd shelter and love the moody east...”"
Neil Scott, El Diablo's Social Club
"Wicked, Ben. really digging this."
Neville Watson, Clone / Dissident
"Wow, I think it's the strongest release on the label so far. The Photonz remix is killer! And I also dig East Acyd Shelter!"
Pierre LX, Fabric / Initial Cuts
"will support on the radio and in the club"
Red Rackem, Hot Coins
"All 3 tracks are quality, great use of the Bob James sample. "
Riotous Rockers, Asbo
"thank you, this is really nice. And it's great you involved Photonz too :) I think my favorite one is West Acyd Shelter original."
Subeena, Opit
"that 'west acyd shelter' tune is an amazing amazing bomb of a tune!"
TJ Kong, Compost
"Liking the tracks - would love the wavs if possible."
Toby Frith, Bleep43
"I'll write something, just started a new blog for more of my own stuff also"
Tobias, 24:Hrs
"I know a bit about all the guys you mention on your roster - very cool! i'd love to do some write ups on what you doing."
Chris, Another Night On Earth
"this is totally my kind of thing, love both originals and photonz remix, i will blog it then.”"
Redhotcar, Fluo Kids
"Thanks Benjamin, i'm gonna give it a try."
"A very tidy three-tracker of colourful old school styles from Semtek."
Oli Warwick, IDJ Magazine
"This is sounding great, we'll definitely make available for potential review."
Steve Spacek, Little White Earbuds
"really good shit. at the moment my fave track is east acyd shelter"
Andy Blake, Dissident / Cave Painting
"if you can get together a decent-looking 338x280 (aka large rectangle) advert for the upcoming release then I’d be happy to host"
Mudlove, Mudlove
"Thanks for sending over - I enjoyed the tracks (and also the people that you have been working with)."
Pop Your Funk, Pop Your Funk
"Nice stuff indeed."
Ajello , Rebirth
"thank you!"
King Britt, Ovum
"I really love West Acyd Shelter(original)!! I will play it!!"
Haruki Matsuo, Rush Hour
"just checked the upcoming west acyd shelter: love it!!"
Massimiliano Pagliara, Rush Hour / Balihu
"absolutely loving your original here, west acyd shelter will be huge for me !!!! nice photonz remix too."
Geoffroy aka Mugwump, Kompakt/Throne of Blood/C
"Great groove and a different sound to all the generic stuff out there. I'll be playing"
Fish Go Deep, Fish Go Deep
"This is great stuff. Top work."
Matt Waites, Dissident / This Is Not A
"It's getting a review in I-DJ for the next issue!"
Oliver Warwick, I-DJ
"yeeeees East Acyde is dope & that Photonz remix is da dooogs bollox, crazy ass shhhiizz"
Simbad, Brownswood
"i really like the east end mix"
Charles Webster, Miso Records
"Really nice, proper-house music. Tough, organic and jackin'. What else do you need, innit?"
Deepchild, Weekend
"Thanx for the promo!"
Pilooski, Discodeine
"Played West Acyd Shelter"
Lee Holman, XFM
"East Acyd Shelter working for me."
Dolan Bergin, Electric Minds
"your two original tracks is nice =) full support"
David Durango, Poker Flat / Composite
"thanks for these man, some cool tracks!"
Brackles, Blunted Robots
"digging West Acyd Shelter, hearing the hook is bringing a smile to my face."
Ben Pistor, Disco Bloodbath
"will include a review of it in the next textura issue"
Ron Schepper, Tectura
"East is Best! Great dubby groovy. LIKE!"
Jim Stanton, Horse Meat Disco