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Mr. Beatnick - Synthetes
12" Vinyl

Mr. Beatnick


Don't Be Afraid

Released: 20th June 2011 | 4 track house ep
Mr Beatnick has played an active part in the burgeoning UK beats scene which has produced talents like Bullion and Paul White. His best known track I Know All The Bitches featuring the vocal talents of Ahu, became one of the anthems of this movement, thanks to numerous spins on the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Rinse FM. In his music you can hear the influence of whole generations of music from Mantronix to the 90's Bay Area scene and beyond, and the new EP Synthetes takes this approach up a gear, exploring a path between the crackling breaks and samples of old, and the dancefloor music of now. With early support from Braiden (Rinse Fm), Slackkk (Numbers), Bullion (Young Turks), Mosca (Nightslugs / Fat City) and Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1), The Synthetes EP looks set to find a unique place in the record boxes of bass addicts and beat diggers alike this summer.
"very nice release all originals are very nice warming tunes...the architeq remix as well"
Ajello, Rebirth
"really like the ep, particularly 'synthetes' and 'casio romance'. the architeq remix is great too."
Alex Egan, Skull Juice
"this is great"
Alex Kenning
"Love the vibe of the whole EP especially the original mix of Synthetes."
Ashley Beedle, Xpress-2
"the mr beatnick release is amazing! i get very happy when i hear this"
Axel Boman, Studio Barnhus
"Thanks you so much!! Could you please send me wavs?"
Eskimo, Baby G
"thnx...good stuff..i wil play 'synthetes' on this weeks radio show."
Charles Webster, Miso Records
"loving track one."
DMalice, Defected
"Really really liking the original of 'Synthete' and 'Don't Walk Away From My Love'. Great stuff."
Damon Martin, Disco Bloodbath
"loving the tracks!"
Deep Space Orchestra, ART
"hey this is a nice ep very emotional and the Casio Romance is very nice!"
DJ 3000, Underground Resistance
"I really like the 1st 2 tracks Synthetes and Dont walk away. Will play them both this weekend."
Domenic Capello, Sub Club / Frustrated Fun
"your music have this indie london touch that reminds me the old good records of Harley & Farley....;)"
Dubbyman, Deep Explorer
"I listened them,and I love Synthetes(original) very much:)"
Haruki Matsuo, Rush Hour
"that's a good, strong release."
Jake 'Armando' Manders, The Idiots Are Winning
"The 'Synthetes' original mix is stunning!"
Kid Who, Fine Art Recordings
"oh yes.....Dont Walk Away from Love.....very smooth...."
King Britt, Ovum
"Both releases are super interesting and forward thinking, which is fucking rare."
Lance De Sardi, Bang The Box
"Modern electric soul music that defies categorisation. Ace!"
Leftside Wobble, Leftside Wobble
"wicked single man!!!"
Mathieu Schreyer, KCRW
"nice, fresh sounding ideas....really like all and the architeq mix is really cool"
Moodymanc, Tsuba
"Loving these proper deep, electronic vibes."
Neville Watson, Rush Hour
"Thanks for these, like em!"
Optimum, Hum And Buzz
"my favourite is synthetes (original version): open and emotional!"
Paul Frick, K7
"I LOVE the synthetes track.. what a brilliant track!"
Photonz, One Eyed Jack's
"This is one of the strongest things I have heard all year."
Red Rack'em, Hot Coins
"yo i fckin loooooove all the originals, outstanding EP from Mr Beatnick and i mean it !!!"
Simbad, Brownswood
"Really a nice one! Especially the Architeq remixes."
Snuff Crew, Snuff Crew
"Massive release, big up!"
Throwing Snow, Ho Tep
"This is really interesting stuff! Will probably post something next week. Keep us informed."
William, Fill Yer Boots (Blog)
"i dropped a jam on the last radio show"
Sonic Router
"very in this new track from Mr. Beatnick, proper delivery."
Gilles Peterson, Brownswood
"EP is brilliant!"
Eclair Fifi, Lucky Me
The Blessings, Lucky Me
"Dope! Thanks for sending me this! "
Nile Rodgers, Chic
"Yes mate you did great! Specially like Casio Romance!"
Mosca, Rinse FM
"I love Synthetes, beautiful strings man."
Bullion, One-Handed Music
"oh SH*T. Don't walk from my love is amazing. The EP is a breath of fresh air."
Slackkk, Numbrs
"Synthetes is amazing. I love the strings, tasteful in the best possible way. "
Alex Macpherson, The Guardian
"My god, this is absolutely mighty."
Joe Muggs, The Wire / Mixmag
"Architeq remix is KILLA. "
Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s