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Semtek - Pizza
12" Vinyl
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Don't Be Afraid

Released: 5th September 2011 | 3 track techno ep
Pizza is the 6th release on Don't Be Afraid, coming hot on the heels of Mr. Beatnick's Synthetes EP and Semtek's West Acyd Shelter. The first track on the 12, Pizza, combines disco, techno and acid house elements on a broken funky base. Goons is a mean little track with caper-like 303s and a bumping trumpet bassline, backed by sweet drum machine beats. DJ 3000 takes the fundamentals of the original and replaces them with some of his own locally sourced Detroit ingredients, including a euphoric rhodes and some rich pads, to create a peak time banger for fans of Dirty Bird and the like.

Semtek is the moniker of Benjamin Roth, who runs the Don't Be Afraid label and plays at nights like Lostbahnhof, Legendary Children, Lasermagnetic and others, usually beginning with the letter 'L'. Born and raised in the Detroit enclave of Hamtramck, DJ 3000 was inundated with both the sights and sounds of his neighborhood, a highly ethnic area of Detroit, as well as with the influence of the music of his parent's native Albanian background. This diverse collection of influence shaped the make-up of both DJ 3000 and the vision of the Motech Records label.
"NICE EP MAN, DIGGIN' GOONS and PIZZA! (love the names too lol)"
"Feeling 'Goons' the most but they're all great."
Damon Martin, Disco Bloodbath
"remix is sweet! I played it this weekend."
Dan Curtin, Peacefrog
"Love this, will def be playing these."
Domenic Capello, Sub Club / Frustrated Fun
"awesome, I love it !"
Fabrice Lig, Fine Art Recordings
"yeah send me the wavs thanks GH"
Gene Hunt, Rush Hour
"great release once again. all versions re solid.thx a lot !!!!"
Geoffroy aka Mugwump, Kompakt/Throne of Blood/C
"Wow, Great works!!!"
Haruki Matsuo, Rush Hour
"I really like your new ep!"
Iron Curtis
"dj 3000 rmx is great, love this.also goons is fun ;)"
Jim Stanton, Horse Meat Disco
"Nice deep release! Like the original and dj 3000 mix"
Josh Wink, Ovum
"Great mixes. Love the chords of original and the excellent organ lines of DJ3000 Remix."
Ken Ishii, R&S
"Very cool stuff, thanks a lot."
Laurent Garnier
"Thanks for this, pretty cool release!"
M50, Stolen Kisses
"A wav of the dj3000 remix would be appreciated."
Mark E, Merc
"Goons is big will deffo play, feeling Pizza too, 10 mins of joy."
"I'm digging that DJ 3000 remix, very nice!"
Neville Watson, Rush Hour
"WOW. This tracks is SPECIAL! unbelievable vibe."
Photonz, One Eyed Jack's
"Waves would be great man if possible......especially that DJ 3000 remix....loving that!! :)"
Ray Mang, DFA / Mangled
"Love this."
Red Rack'em, Hot Coins
"great work."
Santiago Salazar, Underground Resistance
Sinbad, Brownswood
"We love Pizza and the Pizza track is soooo wonderful. It catches us directly. We also can not resist the bangin beats of DJ 3000. Great EP!"
Snuff Crew, Snuff Crew
"Pizza is lush!"
Subeena, Opit
"Really tasty."
The Revenge, Delusions Of Grandeur
Michaelangelo Matos, Resident Advisor
"a great EP."
Paul Meschi, This Is Our House
"a stylistic shape-shifter of the first degree."
Ron Schepper, Textura
"A fantastic slow burner of a house track."
Alex Macpherson, Metro
"Standout track Pizza pushes the boundaries."
Millie McMahon, ID Magazine
"Standout track Pizza pushes the boundaries."
Millie McMahon, ID Magazine
"Standout track Pizza pushes the boundaries."
Millie McMahon, ID Magazine
"I really like the 'pizza' original, thanks for sharing."
2562 / A Made Up Sound, Tectonic / 3024
"I looove Pizza! What a journey"
Aera / Goldwill, Aleph
"Pizza original is a very good piece of music...really like it!"
Ajello, Poker Flat / Composite
"excellent business yet again sir."
Andy Blake, Dissident / Cave Painting
"thanks for sending this over, wicked release!"
Brackles, Rinse FM