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Mr. Beatnick - Sun Goddess EP
12" Vinyl
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Mr. Beatnick

Sun Goddess EP

Don't Be Afraid

Released: 19th March 2012 | 4 track house ep
The Sun Goddess EP has been a close guarded secret around Don't Be Afraid operations central for a little while now. Mr. Beatnick's second outing for the label proudly carries the torch of last year's breakthrough EP Synthetes, one of FACT Magazine's top 50 records of 2011. The lead track Sun Goddess picks up where Synthetes left off, a relentless machine-driven house groove. It is followed by the more experimental futuristic boogie-tech of Beneath The Reef and Shifting Sands. Savoir Faire is the final logical step in the cycle of tracks, bringing the EP to a close in a flourish of balearic bliss. This 12 is yet more evidence that Mr. Beatnick stands in a class of his own. Mr. Beatnick is one of the UK's bona fide musical diamonds in the rough, and one of few hip-hop producers to newly enter the house and techno fold in the past few years who has really turned heads. During the late 00's he released on labels like Far Out and Altered Vibes, working on tracks for artists like Ahu, Azymuth and Atjazz, but it was the epic, string-laden Synthetes, released on Don't Be Afraid in 2011, which proved the breakthrough moment for this talented beat-smith. It's safe to say that you will be seeing him on flyers across the country and beyond this summer.
"sun goddess is the e record that so much other 'deep' 'house' wishes it was and the more earthy, tribal tones of shifting sands inject a subtle ruffne"
Andy Blake, Cave Paintings / World Un
"very nice release! i love the textures and the vibe of the tracks!"
Axel Boman, Studio Barnhus
"oh, this is really, really good! brilliant and it's put a smile on my face.. thanks a lot :) "
Bearweasel, Classic Records
"Thanks for this, solid release, sounding great."
Bok Bok, Night Slugs
"great EP. the sound of summer!"
Brendon Moeller, Steadfast / Echospace
"what an ep. this stuff couldn't be more up my street!"
Chamboche, Under The Shade
"Really good again mate. Thanks for sending!"
Chicago Damn, Chicago Damn
"thanks for sending. Sounds great"
Darksky, 50 Weapons
"very great support for this ep"
David Durango, Robsoul
"this EP is just great again, really like all the tracks but Savoirfaire is my favourite."
Deetron, Rebirth / Cocoon
"Thanks a lot for sending over these gems. Really feeling each track and it will be difficult not to play all them out. Can´t wait for the summer to b"
Discodromo, Cocktail D'Amour
"Shifting sands working nicely this end, just on the download now."
Dolan Bergin, Electric Minds
"loving this thanks..beneaththereef is awesome.."
Domenic Capello, Sub Club
"This stuff is great. Really nicely put together and the vibe across all the tracks is great."
Ethyl, Secret Sundaze
"Sounds good-will play tonight@Electric Monday;Tresor."
Frankie Flowerz, Hypercolour
"real quality music. going to chart it for march."
Franklin Da Costa, Curle / Resopal
"beneath the reef is my pick...will play !"
Geoffroy / Mugwump, Suicide / Kompakt
"Liking all of these Thanks for sending : )"
Harri, Sub Club
"hi benji, i really like it!"
In Flagranti, Codek
"I really like the EP - more than the previous one in fact - I find there's more in it for me to get into - great production and melodies / mood."
Kelpe, DC
"Great EP! Especially I like Savoirfaire. A title of track is also good."
KZA, Mule Musiq
"Its lovely squashed sun drenched funk. Really musical, not something I could level at many of the promos I get sent."
Midland, Aus / Phonica
"awesome! a1 is killer!!! need this in my bag!!!"
Session Victim, Real Soon