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Neville Watson - Night of the Inflatable Muscle Heads
12" Vinyl

Neville Watson

Night of the Inflatable Muscle Heads

Don't Be Afraid

Released: 23rd October 2015 | 4 track house ep

Neville Watson makes his DBA debut proper after appearing on Special Editions in 2013 with four rave-ready belters. Coming fresh from releases for ASOK's Scenery label and Craig Richards' The Nothing Special, Watson continues to explore the house sound of the UK, replete with bleeps, acid yells and basslines.

Amongst the track titles some will also note a tongue in cheek tribute to the UK's least popular export, the Great British Douchebag. Gym-goers will be familiar with the Creatine quaffing, equipment-hogging lovers of fake tan who've forgotten to train their legs. Just remember though, underneath the stench of cheap aftershave and alcopops, these young men just want to dance like the rest of us.