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Anomie Belle

Saturday Gives

Diving Bell Recording Company

Released: 4th November 2016 | 1 track downtempo single

Diving Bell Recording Co. is thrilled to announce the release of Seattle-based experimental electronica artist and classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Anomie Belle's most ambitious project and multi-media collaboration to date: FLUX. A hauntingly sexy portrait of beautiful alienation, Anomie Belle's Flux is an interdisciplinary album and art project exploring disillusionment and the search for identity. An art book comprised of 14 visual art pieces, each by a highly revered international artist, accompanies the album. Each is a portrait of Anomie inspired by the music.

If music and art can uncover hidden parts of human experience, Anomie reveals the dark and sinister, the vulnerable, contradictory, spiritual and the sexual. Provocative and immersive, both the music and art convey a deeply honest, sensual, imaginative and complex set of surreal landscapes. Constantly evolving, dreamlike and intimate, Flux juxtaposes fragility with desire, struggle with self-knowledge, and complacence with wisdom. Her music grapples with intimacy and queerness, our emotional experiences of a culture that values profit over people, and the passive guilt of an unsustainable lifestyle that is destructive to our natural environment.

With each artist, Anomie explored common themes and inspirations so the visual art would feel deeply connected to the music. After a serendipitous encounter with the Seattle based visual artist, Redd Walitzki, and the realization of a shared mutual admiration for the other's craft, a natural collaboration ensued. In the case of Anomie and Redd, both were drawn to each other's spirit of spontaneity, critical thinking and reflection. Both find a balance between artistic intent, and vision while releasing control in a way that allows the art to reveal its own beauty. The two re-imagine traditional art forms, deconstructing preconceived notions of boundaries through deliberate experimentation with new technologies.

Anomie's collaboration with Marco Mazzoni was similarly sparked by mutual admiration. Both artists conceive of such elaborate, introspective and surreal worlds that the two feel like a natural part of Flux together. Anomie and Marco became friends during a visit to Milan, uncorking Campari and excavating modern ruins inhabited by urban scavengers living their lives in stark contrast to La Dolce Vita. The intimacy and inspiration born from these initial collaborations soon spread amongst 14 others to form the body of art work surrounding this album. Each song and page of the art book reveals a unique story that captures the excitement and intimacy of dancing with strangers.

"A beautiful, dreamy, psyche-tinged electro pop record."
Kevin Cole, KEXP
"Flux reaches the weekly top 4 most played album (September 2016), Featuring"
"A rich slice of art pop that moves fluidly between classical, soul, and electronica, often within the same admirable balancing artistic voice so singular, Flux is an aural landscape worth spending some alone time in."
"If you didn't know Anomie Belle before, Flux is a great entry point to her discography, a great example of truly immersive, emotive electronic music. Flux signals the welcome return of Seattle's siren to the forefront of modern electronica."
"Few artists are as audacious enough to release an album such as this...Belle operates by her own rules."
No Depression
"“The world of Anomie Belle belies everything you’d instantly conjure when told about a classically trained violinist. She’s played with Grieves and Mr. Lif for some hip-hop cred. She’s composed film scores and worked with Anna-Lynne Williams of Trespassers William for the folk side of things. She’s toured with Tricky, the Album Leaf and Sea Wolf and collaborated with The Posies. Forget the box at this point and just enjoy the music.”"
Stereo Subversion
"“I haven’t been this excited about a new artist in years. Anomie Belle is one of the most interesting indies out there right now — no allegiance to genres, instruments (acoustic or electronic), or even to her own voice. Her only loyalty appears to be to the songs, and each one is a perfect little snow globe of a world ranging from the ethereal and moody to some of the most challenging experimental (yet melodic) stuff I’ve heard in years.”"
James Stafford