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Damon Bell - Blues for the Libyan

Damon Bell

Blues for the Libyan

Deepblak Recordings

Released: 6th July 2015 | 8 track deep house album

Deepblak Chief Connoisseur Damon Bell following years of several outstanding EP's offers up his debut album in Blues For The Libyan. Staying true to his penchant for mixing African rhythms with dance floor aesthetics the Oakland based producer weaves together a tightly knit escapade thru his world. Much like his long standing DJ residencies at S.F.'s Make Out Room and Oakland's 389 Damon has built a solid reputation for his ability to traverse many sounds, and genres into one coherent groove. Blues For The Libyan follows suit as Damon melds experimentation, and tradition into a palatable experience for the listener. Tapping into the talents of label mate Afrikan Sciences for Rhythm Meat and Oakland based vocalist Khalil Anthony (Chromosome Replacement) the collaborations do well to further Damon's vision of polyrhythmic dance. Studying percussion in his youth you can feel it's influence throughout BFTL accompanied with Damon's tinge for a little future dance floor funk. After receiving praise last year from luminaries such as the BBC's Mary Anne Hobbs, and NYC's Dope Jams crew Damon's sound continues to build. BFTL represents Damon's most outstanding statement to date of modern electronics mixed with traditional impulses. Culminating an authenticity, and honesty that is a breath of fresh air in the present space.