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The Way I Feel

Deepblak Recordings

Released: 1st June 2016 | 6 track broken beat ep

The multi-talented North Carolina native Derrick Curtis known as DFLN (Dreams From Last Night) makes his debut on Deepblak. Brought to our attention a few years back DFLN has been a consistent source of inspiration with the freshness of his perspective, and sonic tapestry. Isolated from club/dance culture in N.C. lends to an authenticity of his voice. Isolation let's DFLN's music emanate from a truly special place. Leaning away from sampling DFLN chooses to play out his music from scratch. This coupled with an unworldly sense of rhythm has yielded some of the freshest music we have heard of late. The Way I Feel EP is an enchanting walk through moods, and swing. It is unchained, fluid, and free.