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JFB - The Fizzy Bubla EP
12" Vinyl
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The Fizzy Bubla EP

Disco Cakes

Released: 5th March 2012 | 3 track ep
JFB steps up for his first release on Disco Cakes, the aptly named Fizzy Bubla EP.

Brighton's JFB is a scratch DJ and party starter extraordinaire who won the UK DMC Championship in 2007 and 2011. Yet unlike many turntablists, JFB also knows when to stop beatjuggling and start dropping bombs – ultimately, it's all about making the people dance. This is an artist who's fully immersed in bass culture.

His first release is testament to just this, JFB delivers a gigantic EP that takes elements from his back ground in hip hop and his love of dutty bass lines, to deliver an EP that blurs the boundaries between funk and bass.

Big vocals and bigger bass with the added bonus of the talented Mr Dero, giving you a package of 3 hands in the air, crowd pleasing banners.

Everyone has been after this release, those who have been lucky enough to get a copy know its true value. These weapons destroy the dance, fact !!